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Maintenance and technical support services

The service activity within Mediserv includes the verification, maintenance, and repair operations of medical equipment in the fields in which the company operates

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Inspection, maintenance and repair of medical equipment

Our service department is equipped with all the tools and instruments necessary for diagnosis and repairs so that our qualified staff can service the appliances in the shortest possible time.

Our engineers are in permanent contact with suppliers, thus always being up to date with the latest information.

Mediserv engineers can perform the following works:

  • Technical revisions (verifications) with the issuance of verification bulletins.

  • Accidental repairs on request or with labor included in the service contract that includes:

    • diagnosis, whenever necessary;

    • repairing defects, whenever necessary;

    • labor related to changing any defective part;

    • adjustments and final tests for each intervention;

Mediserv's vision is to permanently ensure products and services at high quality standards so that the efforts of healthcare professionals can be cultivated and valued in the service of patients.

Mediserv Cluj

Why choose Mediserv

Because we understand the existing needs in the Romanian public and private health system, our mission is to provide you, permanently and constantly, with the latest generation medical devices for: Intensive Care, Emergency Medicine, Surgery, Neonatology, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Imaging, Veterinary medicine.

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Specialised consultancy

We are here to share with you our experience to help you achieve your plan!

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State-of-the-art medical equipment

Mediserv's vision is to permanently ensure products and services at high quality standards.

Mediserv Cluj Equipment Maintenance and Repair

Equipment Maintenance and Repair

At Mediserv, we always find solutions for your problems, whether it's routine checks, replacement of consumables or major repairs!

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